Episode 32

Guy Walton, CAMO

“Going Phishing with a Former FBI Cybercrime Guy”


by | Dec 14, 2020 | Cybersecurity

Guy Walton, CAMO

Guy is a highly organized, take charge leader with 31 years of combined military and law enforcement experience. Today we talk about some of his experiences in his time with the FBI and what steps business can take to mitigate their risk of falling victim to Cybercrime.


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Guy Walton

CAMO, Counterthreat Analysis Mitigation Ops LLC 

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About This Episode

In today’s episode we have a lot of fun while discussing a very serious topic, Cybersecurity.  Our guest, Guy Walton,  recently launched CAMO (Counterthreat Analysis Mitigation Ops LLC ) is a former FBI law enforcement officer and cybersecurity inversigator working on some of the largest reported cyber breaches in the US (remember Wells Fargo).  

As a southern preacher, Guy can tell a story like few others, bringing both entertainment while driving home the severity of many cyber attacks and their impact on those affected.

In his role launching CAMO, Guy has a unique ability to develop and implement effective action plans for complex risk mitigation.  Hs possesses a high aptitude in managing and investigating cyber investigations, national security, intelligence, and complex white-collar crimes. A recognized facilitator with excellent communication, liaison, and team building skills. In starting CAMO he is now taking those skills and helping protect businesses across the globe from the threat of cyber terrorism.

He follows a simple methodlogy from implmenting a strong security framework. 

1: Make the Right Hire(s)!

2: Implement the right policies and procuedures and implement a governance plan.

3: Hire the right person to check the previous two.


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