Episode 117

George Smith
Sr. Business Development Manager, Augmentt

Secure Your SaaS

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Cybersecurity

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking

George Smith 

About This Episode

George Smith joins us today on MSP Business School and we discuss how important it is for MSP’s to manage and monitor their clients cloud services and if they do not, someone else will.

2:01 –  George shares his backstory that begins in Northern Ireland, with a stop in London, before settling in his home of Canada.  He talks about his start in tech originating in web development, finally landing at Augmentt

5:25  – George share the history of Augmentt and how the idea for the product came to be. With the support world moving to the cloud MSP’s need a tool to manage it.

9:25  – George shares how SaaS management can go beyond risk and help as well with productivity. The conversation shifts to shadow IT and how to manage that problem facing our clients.

13:48 – The conversation pivots to Microsoft 365 management and how to go beyond the Secure Score to drive new opportunity.  Augmentt can support that process and add other security information to help the customer better understand where the total gaps reside.

15:50  – Tim addresses the sales opportunity behind SaaS Management and George shares how MSP’s can generate new revenue through security scans as part of the prospecting process.

19:00 – The conversation shifts to user education.  To reduce security issues companies need to build policy to support acceptable applications and users need to know the risk of not following the guidelines to security for the organization.  It starts with a proactive view vs. a reactive approach.

22:22 – We close the episode with a discussion of how to engage with Augmentt and a secret approach to how to get to know Augmentt better (hint Top Golf).


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