Episode 121

Frank Raimondi,


Helping MSPs make Cybersecurity Easy

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Cybersecurity

Frank Raimondi Nodeware

Nodeware helps MSPs easily secure their networks from Cyberthreats and stay on top of emerging threats they may be facing.

About This Episode

Frank Raimondi from Nodware joins us today at MSP Business School. Frank is the VP of Channel Development for Nodeware.

2:17 – Frank tells us about his journey in IT. He has seen the industry evolve and change with Apple Computer and Intel stops, giving him a great view of enterprise vendor relationships within the channel. From there, he moved to Synnex getting the distributor’s viewpoint before joining IGI Cyberlabs (Nodeware)

6:07 – Brian asks Frank where should an MSP or MSSP start when looking at creating a program looking at cyber hygiene. Frank shares his viewpoints on why the SMB should care and how it can impact the customer’s ecosystem. Also, the hits are more often in the SMB than the customers might understand.

9:19  – Tim discusses the range of security products and how it takes more than a product but also an education to help clients. Frank speaks a bit about cyber fatigue at the MSP level and how things with a client should start simply by knowing what needs to be protected. 

14:23 – The conversation goes into discovering rogue IPs and controlling what is being secured and what assets exist in your environment. Cybersecurity is a daunting task for many MSPs, and Nodeware can help drive this first step.

20:19 – Tim asks about the people factor in cybersecurity and how education is a critical early step in cybersecurity. Frank speaks that leadership needs to drive the conversation within each business.


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