Episode 37

Craig Taylor, Cyberhoot

When a client experiences a $26K phishing attack, a business is born


Craig Skevington

Craig found inspiration when a client had a phishing attack that caused an employee to purchase $26K on gift cards based on an email. 

The problem was obvious and he set out to create training that is easy to use and for end users to consume.

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Cybersecurity


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Craig Skevington


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About This Episode

Today’s episode brings us Craig Taylor, the CEO of Cyberhoot a security awareness platform.  Cyberhoot provides frictionless security awareness training to end users to mitigate the risk of phishing and social engineering attacks.

Craig shares with us the steps that Cyberhoot takes to deliver training stright to the end users mailbox and build workflow to ensure your comapnies overall program compliance.

Craig shares a story that served as the inspiration for launching Cyberhoot.  A small to mid-sized client he was working with found themselves the victim of a phishing attack.  The loss $26K in retailer gift cards.  Craig saw how this event impacted the buinsess and the pain it caused the end user who fell for the scam.  It was in that moment, and leaning on his enterprise security experience that he set forth to build a product that could be part of the solution for phishing attacks.



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