Episode 70

Chris Johnson
Pinpoint Solutions

Guiding You on Your Cybersecurity Journey


by | Sep 28, 2021 | Cybersecurity

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Chris Johnson is a leading cybersecurity specialist in the MSP community and consultant at Pinpoint Solutions. In this episode, Chris shares how he helps MSPs on their cybersecurity journey.

About This Episode

Having run an MSP himself, Chris Johnson knows the challenges surrounding security implementation and compliance when it comes to needs both within your organization and with your clients. In this episode, Chris shares how he helps MSPs on their cybersecurity journey through consultation, implementation, and even acting as your MSP’s cybersecurity specialist on sales calls.

1:30 – Chris begins by giving us his background, starting with how he accidentally became the response team for the first company he worked for. He shares how working for companies that weren’t fully implementing security made him realize that he didn’t want to work in that model and compelled him to become increasingly more focused on compliance.

5:49 – Robb and Tim ask Chris about how his consulting company operates, including how involved he gets in helping his MSP clients with their cybersecurity needs and how often he interacts with them. 

9:43 – Chris and the hosts talk about the challenges MSPs face when it’s time to evolve a relationship with a client. They discuss the importance of client advocacy, which team members should be involved in these conversations, and how to build trust with your customers.

12:46 – Tim asks Chris to share how conversations have shifted since the pandemic and the recent large scale ransomware attacks. Chris gives examples of the kind of research MSPs need to be doing when it comes to vendors.

15:45 – Robb asks Chris for his take on cybersecurity insurance. Chris shares his philosophy of crafting creative answers that answer questionnaires truthfully without putting you in a position to not get insurance.

19:31 – As closing thoughts, Chris reminds MSP owners to do their due diligence, whether when working internally or with vendors.

Be sure to check out Chris’ podcast, MSP 1337, available anywhere you get your podcasts.


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