Episode 1

Economic Stimulus

We discuss our experiences applying for the EIDL and PPP, how we are managing our teams remotely, and how to keep employees and customers engaged during this crisis.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

About This Episode

In this episode we discuss our experiences in filing for the economic stimulus packages. 

We also talk about how to manage our remote teams as we work from home.  We highlight tools that can be used and some of the interesting things we need to adapt to in WFH. 

Finally, we talk about how to keep your sales teams motivated and engaged as we work through this period of crisis.  Tim discusses about teaching his team to lead with empathy.  He has found this approach is opening doors and allowing the sales team to log discovery calls that may convert to sales when the country reopens.

We close with a discussion of how to engage with your existing clients and build better relationships through learning lessons learned and how to help our teams sharpen their skills during this period of downtime. 

Note: This was recorded prior to the exhaustion of funds and program reopening.


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