Episode 50

Zay Campozano, IT Help “Leveraging Outsourcing to Grow Your MSP”


Craig Skevington
IT Help

Zay is the Director of Business Development and Partner at IT Help, Inc.   Zay, a New York based tech firm where COVID hit hardest, had to find a creative way to grow the organization when companies were leaving the city.

Starting with an outsourcing strategy to allow for scale and meet the demands of almost any market, Zay has built the blueprint for his company’s long-term success.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Zay Campozano

IT Help, Inc.

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About This Episode

Zay Campozano’s unconventional path to the MSP industry gives him an edge when it comes to his company’s offerings. As the Director of Business Development at IT Help, Inc., Zay saw the opportunity to outsource some of their services to other MSPs, helping younger companies make it through their growing pains while expanding IT Help’s profitability and reach. 

1:30 – Zay shares his background and the winding road that led him from international business to the MSP industry. He explains how he and his partner decided to start their own business because of things they were noticing in the industry that they wanted to change. 

6:05 – The guys talk about what they see as the ideal founder situation for a new MSP in order to foster early growth, diving into what it is that makes Zay’s relationship with his co-founder so successful. 

8:39 – Tim and Robb ask Zay how he’s managed to maintain a sense of company culture during the pandemic. They discuss how businesses in New York have been affected and the changes Zay has seen in the past 13-14 months. Zay stresses the importance of having your employees’ backs during this time, and shares how they handled client needs for those who experienced economic downturns, particularly in the spring of last year. Zay also shares how the pandemic forced businesses into a proof of concept for strategies that IT Help has been trying to get their clients to try for years. 

17:08 – Zay lays out the major outsourcing business that IT Help offers for smaller MSPs who need to expand but can’t quite afford to yet. He explains the experiences that led them to offer these services, and the mindset that guides their decisions. He closes by reminding listeners that the MSP community is a family, and that everyone in this family should be working to help each other. 


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