Episode 19

Tommy Wolosin, NetWorks “Creating Customer Loyalty through an Amazing Culture”


Tommy Wollison, NetWorks

Tommy Woliosin runs NetWorks in Nashville, TN along with his partner 

Net Works


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Tommy Wolosin, NetWorks

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About This Episode

Today we speak to Tommy Wolosin, one of two partners operating NetWorks in Nashville, TN.  Tommy talks to us about creating an amazing culture to drive both client and customer relationships.

We start with a conversation around how NetWorks started operations and how growth came from Tommy networking heavily in the Nashville area.  We talk about how peer groups and coaching were fundamental in breaking past growth driven by hustle into a more predictable sales model.

We then transition into creating a culture that both customer and staff wanted to be a part of. Tommy shares how Net Works has long term and close relationships with many of their customers.  They leverage a strong vCIO process to drive engagement and loyalty in their client relationships.

We also discuss how that culture spills into the business with most employees being part of the team for 10+ and the tactics that Net Works employs to meet the needs of both the business and their team.








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