Episode 108

Shane Naugher
DaZZee IT Services

From Dial Up to Data Protection

Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks
Focus Investment Banking w

Shane Naugher has one or two stories to share, having one of the few MSPs around that started back in the dial up days

About This Episode

As one of the few companies that started during the dial up days, Shane Naugher has seen many shifts and changes in the industry. The evolution of DaZZee IT Services is a master class in paying attention to trends and staying ahead of the curve, even when it’s uncomfortable and pushback is strong.

1:29 – Shane starts us off by sharing how trying to save a buck by using knock off infrastructure led to an incredibly profitable relationship with Cisco. He shares how that relationship resulted in a partnership with a large corporation that solidified his company as a Cisco infrastructure and engineering team.

6:42 – Shane brings us to post 2008, when managed services were being talked about, but he and his team weren’t considering the transition. He shares the moment that changed his mind and caused him to realize all the things that were possible as an MSP, as well as the difficulty his team had in adopting the MSP mindset. 

10:17 – Brian asks Shane to share what he and his team are most focused on now in their MSP, and Shane talks about their emphasis on providing service to the “right” clients. He and the hosts discuss the importance of cybersecurity and the changing landscape of the MSP industry, highlighting the misconceptions clients often have when it comes to cloud-based businesses and the security measures they assume are automatically in place.

15:17 – Shane shares a defining moment in his personal life that shaped the way he approaches his business. He dives into the number one thing that has positively changed his own success and the success of his company.

19:57 – Shane and the hosts continue their discussion about cybersecurity and bringing awareness to the consumer. Shane shares his favorite part of being an MSP owner and how he sees himself as an advisor to his clients.


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