Episode 128

Scott Haselkorn,

Haselkorn, Inc.

It’s never too early to start an MSP

Scott Haselkorn

In this episode, Scott Haselkorn talked about how he started doing MSP and shared relatable experiences of his journey

About This Episode

Scott Haselkorn joins us today at MSP Business School. Scott is the president of Haselkorn Inc.

1:25 Scott starts off his backstory by revealing that he had a learning disability when he was younger and shared about the first book he read that he thinks made a significant impact on him starting early in MSP. He also talks about how he started wanting to own a computer store as his first dream.

4:00 Scott describes how, at the age of 12, he ventured to buy computer processors by calling Intel in California and acquiring a credit card, tax ID, and applications aided by his parents. He also states that he started out fixing his parent’s computers, friends’ parents’ computers, and even teachers’ computers throughout high school.

6:58 He shares that he got his first job in a local place as a tech support and eventually moved to the commercial support department, transferred to Network Administration, and was laid off twice from the same company.

9:30 Scott speaks about he did a training class in dental offices on how to use dental software and got his first paying client through his dad. He then that time started to think about MSP and sort out what his goals were. 

11:43 He shares his first encounter with IT Nation and how surprised he was to see many people who like computers the same as he does and make businesses out of them. He also shared the time he started his journey with ConnectWise and how it changed his life.

15:00 Scott then talks about his objectives and says he focuses on security-focused practice to make sure his clients can prevent or don’t experience rainy days. He also points out that we should always keep evolving as threats keep changing every day.

17:44 Brian dives right into the conversation, agreeing with what Scott said and noting that one cool thing about the industry is it is ever-changing. He shares his thoughts that these days it is more on “keeping up with the bad guys” and focused on the security-first model. 

20:50  Tim and Brian express their astonishment at how Scott was predestined to be working in MSP since he read that book in 4thgrade. Tim adds that it was the game-changer for Scott.

24:13 Scott closes the podcast by saying that all the MSPs all over the globe are peers and teammates. He hopes that as teammates, we can make the world a safer place for the good guys.


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