Episode 135


Tips for using a VA on your team


by | Jan 4, 2023 | Business Strategy

The MSP Business School Team

Having doubts about getting a Virtual Assistant? How to start if you hire one? Today’s talk is about how to start working with a VA and what are the advantages of having one.

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About This Episode

In this episode, we talked about the advantages of having a Virtual Assistant (VA) and how to start working with one.

00:03 – Brian extends a warm welcome to all who join him and his co-hosts, Robb Rogers and Tim McNeil, on their podcast. Also, he mentioned that they’re going to talk about something that you should think about when you ask, “How do I scale if I don’t yet have the available dollars to hire direct resources or don’t want to hire direct resources for some of the administrative tasks in our life?”

01:46 – Brian stated that one of the things he decided to do, as he had done in the past with other organizations he has run, was to reach out to virtual assistants. He understands that many of us have been hearing about virtual assistants in the marketplace and may be confused as to what the true capabilities of a virtual assistant are and what one should expect from this because he believes that sometimes when people enter these relationships, they expect people to just show up at their doorstep and be able to do everything without any real guidance or training.

03:13 – Robb asks one of the biggest questions Brian “What is prospecting really mean to you? because he heard some good, bad, and ugly for prospecting overseas, so what do you mean by that?”

03:31 – Brian responds to a prospecting question. In order to warm up the customer and increase the likelihood that they would comply with whatever your call to action is, whether it be a meeting appointment, demo, or trial depending on what you’re doing, there are various methods that go into the sales process. We are attempting to get used to those things.

06:51 – Brian began by discussing how to prepare VA. He also talks about where he got his VA.

12:30 – Tim asks Brian if there’s anything he experienced anything that his VA has not been able to accomplish for him.

15:33 – Robb inquires once more about what you can recommend for an MSP owner who is using a VA to assist them with prospecting. What is the first step after watching videos and all that? What is the first action you want your MSP owners to take?

18:36 – Robb also mentions octopus and typify as two examples of coordinates campaigns that use sales navigator lists.

18:58 – Tim stated that there is another company called Kennected that begins with a K, and they have heard some really good things about it as well. It also allows you to schedule social media posts on top of prospecting.

26:42 – Tim concurs with Brian’s statement about having his VA work outside US business hours. He also added that VAs are people as well, that they have lives to live, families and struggles.


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