Episode 129

Building out your Battlecard


by | Nov 22, 2022 | Business Strategy

The MSP Business School Team

Battle card is the hub for the rest of your marketing efforts.
Learn more about how to be effective in building your battlecard.

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About This Episode

This episode discusses battle cards and how you can equip your team with this sales weapon.

1:30 Robb dives right into the discussion describing what a battle card is for him. He compares battle cards to cliff notes which helped him get through school. He adds that a battle card is something you look at when you’re lost and it enables you to be back on track.

2:14 Tim reminisces about the time when he worked in MSP and tells that he keeps a battle card on his desk every day until his last working day. He also shares that it is beneficial to have a battle card to have a reference guide and keep your head on while doing calls all day.

4:00 Robb answers Brian’s questions “what should go into a battle card?” and “what makes up a good battle card?” He narrates what he thinks are the most important things you should have in your battle card.

11:05 Brian describes the One Sentence Hook as a “power statement”. Robb agrees with what Brian says and elaborates that the goal is to open up a conversation and connect with people with just one sentence.

16:45 Tim shares his thoughts about brand pillars. He says that as an MSP, something you should understand is what you bring to the table compared to your competitors.

22:55 Battle card is the hub for the rest of your marketing efforts and this is where it all starts. Everything else is built from here.


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