Episode 93

Peter Kujawa
Service Leadership

No MSP is an Island

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Focus Investment Banking w

Peter Kujawa believes the whole industry succeeds when a single MSP succeeds, which is why he’s passionate about helping MSPs grow and be as effective as possible.

About This Episode

The Vice President of Service Leadership (a ConnectWise solution), Peter Kujawa knows a thing or two about building a business. Assisted by Service Leadership’s support offerings, Peter led the turnaround of Locknet, including the acquisition by EO Johnson Business Technologies. Now, 11 years later, he’s committed to helping MSPs experience success by using the same tools that aided his company’s growth.

1:03 – Peter shares how he, a licensed attorney with a background in sales, made it into the MSP industry – an industry that he mistakenly assumed would be a relatively easy one. He explains how finding Service Leadership helped him turn around his own MSP through benchmarking.

4:03 – Peter shares the three things that Service Leadership does in order to help MSPs identify growth areas every quarter. He stresses the importance of staying connected as a community and helping each other succeed.

9:40 – Robb asks Peter what he’s hearing from MSPs around the country in terms of challenges and concerns. Peter shares the three things he hears the most, giving examples of what even high-level MSPs are doing to adapt and change in order to minimize monetary challenges.

15:48 – Brian brings the conversation back to the mindsets that need to shift in order to have a successful MSP, and Peter shares many of the different variables that drive valuation of a company.

19:45 – Tim asks Peter about the split he sees in top performing MSPs between recurring revenue and projects. He and the hosts discuss different strategies MSPs can employ to turn projects into recurring revenue.

26:15 – Robb asks Peter what advice he would give to the 25% or so of MSPs who aren’t performing as well as they could be. They leave listeners with the reminder that help is available, resources exist, and that no MSP is an island.


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