Episode 106

Michael Beecher
EscapeWire Solutions

Becoming a Security First Service Provider

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Sometimes it takes a near catastrophe to point you in the right direction, as Michael Beecher of EscapeWire Solutions shares in this episode.

About This Episode

The president of EscapeWire Solutions, Michael Beecher’s unique experiences – both good and just plain awful – have shaped a solid MSP with a healthy and robust security offering. In this episode, Michael and the hosts dive into how terrible events can sometimes be the best things that happen in a young, growing company.

1:19 – Michael provides us with a background of how he got into the world of IT, beginning with his first project at the family construction and industrial equipment business: bringing the company into the age of computers. He shares how hiring a friend to assist in the project led to a lifelong love of all things IT, even when he was grossly underqualified for the task at hand.

6:42 – Michael shares the current structure and focus of EscapeWire. He details how and why they began to focus on being a security first service provider and talks about the fun and challenges of developing a new service offering.

9:20 – Robb asks Michael to share the process of building out their security offering. Michael explains the unique way in which EscapeWire ensures they are staying compliant and taking care of all vulnerabilities.

14:07 – Brian asks Michael to share a transformational moment that shaped his career. Michael tells the story of a terrifying event early in the company that led him and his team to realize they needed to establish some very important processes such as a disaster and recovery plan.

18:53 – Brian and Michael discuss the importance of constantly innovating and being a forward-thinking MSP. Michael shares how EscapeWire’s commitment to move client services off-site avoided what would have been a complete disaster otherwise. He and the hosts talk about the importance of owning your actions and missteps, even when the results could be catastrophic.


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