Episode 16

Matthew Bookspan, Blacktip IT
“The Courage to Launch When The Forces Around You Say You Shouldn’t”


Craig Skevington

Matthew runs a IT Service Provider, Blacktip IT, based out of Alamonte Springs. FL.  Matthew left a six-figure corporate job, with a pregnant wife to  go out on his own.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Matthew Bookspan, Blacktip IT

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About This Episode

Matthew Bookspan talks to us about the launch of Blacktip IT.  He did this at a time where most of us would be avoiding risk. Holding a six-figure job and with a baby on the way, Matthew and his wife made the decision to start and IT company and he has never looked back.

Matthew starts by telling us the story of his launch and his decision process to make the jump becoming and IT Service provider.  Not only did he take a big risk for himself and his family he went a step further focusing Apple Solutions at a time where Apple could only be termed as ‘hyperniche”.

Matthew takes us through his journey of going from startup to a multi-million dollar service provider.  His story is a great one as he shares the focus and strategy he used to drive growth, keep costs in-line and even fire 200 clients on a single day.





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