Episode 147

Len DiCostanzo,

Global Channel Executive of MSP Toolkit

Accelerate Partner Integration in your Stack and Sell More


About This Episode

Len DiCostanzo has been a mainstay of the global IT channel and is a sought-after consultant and speaker. For decades, he has been providing thought leadership and best practice guidance for senior leaders who want to understand the channel’s roots and its future. DiCostanzo consults and collaborates with leading and emerging channel vendors, as well as managed service providers and business technology solution providers who want to accelerate growth and better serve clients. He has worked with thousands of partners helping them build their managed services practice with a focus on service catalog development, pricing and bundling, and go-to-market strategy development and execution. His recent work has focused on helping SaaS and cybersecurity vendors and specialty distributors to grow their MSP and VAR channels by building comprehensive partner programs. The programs are designed to drive internal awareness across the business while accelerating partner go-to-market motion and recurring revenue for the vendor and their partners. Len has consulted with and led the buildout and execution of Partner Programs for top channel vendors including ConnectWise, LogMeIn, and LastPass.

2:08 – Len has been in the business for a long time, having started a solution provider business in 1984. He was a solution writer for 20 years and sold his business to a publicly traded company in 2001. He then moved to consulting and helping them build out their global MSP partner community and eventually found a role at Auto Task.

5:51 – Tim believes Len just made an important point about the number of MSPs they’ve spoken with over the years who simply don’t know how to wrap all of those into one service. Despite his belief that people are far more advanced than they have ever been, there is still a great need.

9:10 – Brian believes that products are becoming more specialized and that MSPs should form a partnership with their vendor partner to better support their needs. This includes educating the vendor on how to better meet the needs of the MSP.

9:50 – Len said that it depends on the vendor and how they intend to market. They are aware that they are an outsourced partner. The bottom line is that every vendor must become a more strategic partner for the MSP, which begins with having a comprehensive and robust partner program. 

11:43 – Robb’s message is that MSPs often go to vendors with great ideas and don’t implement them, leading to a loss of the vendor 6 months later. It is a powerful message that can help both the sale and implementation sides.

16:07 – Len spent a year and a half with Cordo before COVID sold the business, building a product called Cloud Optimizer for offices of sixty-five. He now consults on the MSP side and talks about the vendor’s offering.

21:25 – Brian believes that the only way to increase the amount per seat charge is by consolidating products, building them into the service offering, and providing services around it. The products are just enablers for him to get to that service offering.


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