Episode 101

Jon Kotman & Luke Ross
Kotman Technology

Core Values, Culture, and Customers


Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Focus Investment Banking w

How you treat customers, team members, and even former clients reveals your company’s core values. How well defined are they?

About This Episode

What creates a thriving culture and excellent client base when it comes to MSPs? For Jon Kotman of Kotman Technology, the answer is your principles and core values.

Join us for a wonderful discussion on how defining your principles and sticking with them no matter what leads to the best possible outcome for everyone on your team.

0:55 – Jon and Luke take turns sharing their personal (and quite different) journeys to the MSP world, including how a college friendship turned into a highly effective working relationship.

6:29 – Brian asks Jon and Luke to share a bit about the unique challenges they face working with clients in somewhat nontraditional sectors.

9:04 – Jon recounts Kotman’s growth, from starting out as a high schooler servicing local law firms to transitioning into a true MSP. He shares some of the core principles Kotman stands on and how those values helped guide him through some very difficult business decisions. Luke shares the story of what could have been a terrifying moment for the company that turned into a galvanizing experience for the team.

15:32 – Tim points out that many MSPs they talk to are making tough decisions to ensure they aren’t being run by their top clients. Jon, Luke, and the hosts have a discussion about clients that don’t fit your MSP’s values or culture and why getting rid of them is the best decision you can make for your company.

18:38 – Robb asks Jon to share what his criteria is for identifying misaligned clients. Luke gives an example of the importance of values and principles when it comes to both clients and culture.

21:27 – Jon and Luke share one last story about how acting consistently with character and values can bring good things your way when you aren’t even expecting it. Jon expresses the importance of offboarding clients with the same level of care and service – if not more – that you gave while they were clients.


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