Episode 92

Joel Zaidspiner
ChannelPro Network

The Importance of Education and Exposure

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Joel Zaidspiner joins us to share how ChannelPro supports and educates MSPs to enhance their growth and client relationships.

About This Episode

The MSP space is a fast-moving, ever-changing industry. Staying on top of the latest information and technology can be challenging, especially for younger MSPs that aren’t quite ready to commit to something like a peer group. Enter ChannelPro: a free publication with a mission to educate and support the MSP community.

Joel Zaidspiner, ChannelPro’s Vice President & Associate Publisher, joins us to share the importance of education, community, and exposure, and how ChannelPro can assist MSPs in their growth and client relationships.

1:01 – Joel shares his journey from working in retail to entering the channel almost 25 years ago, his passion for the industry, and what ChannelPro does to provide support and education to MSPs. He talks about his love for meeting MSPs and facilitating meaningful introductions at the many conferences and events he attends every year.

5:43 – Robb asks Joel to share some of the most common issues he hears about from MSPs as he’s on the road. He and Tim discuss the difficulties of finding entry-level talent and some creative ways MSPs are meeting that challenge.

9:38 – Brian and Joel talk about some of the concerns and MSPs have when it comes to security and the considerations they have to think about in order to successfully keep their clients safe and secure.

10:22 – Brian asks Joel to share some of the content that resonates most with their readership at ChannelPro. They talk about how a publication like ChannelPro can directly help MSPs that aren’t quite at the level to join a peer group.

13:54 – Joel explains how MSPs can submit to be on the cover of ChannelPro, giving them a very clear and direct social proof they can use in pitches and to bolster relationships with current clients. 

18:33 – Joel shares some of the events that are coming up for ChannelPro in 2022, including a virtual cybersecurity summit in April and a two-day event in May.

For more information and to register for ChannelPro’s events, go to https://events.channelpronetwork.com


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