Episode 34

Jesse Hill
Tier 3 IT Solutions

“Treat your team well and good things will happen”


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Focus Investment Banking w

Jesse is the second generation operating Tier 3 helping take it from a retail break-fix company to a Managed Service focused machine.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Jesse Hill

Tier 3 IT Solutions

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About This Episode

Jesse Hill is the President of Tier 3 IT Solutions a MSP located in Edmonton, Alberta.  Jesse chats with us about running a business he grew up in and the lessons he has learned since taking over the business.

We start with Jesse’s story about an acquisition they made and the challenges they faced during the transition and in their approach to the merging cultures.  He discusses things that they did not evaluate during this acquisition that impacted the bottom line.

Jesse then moves to a story of an event that helped shape Tier 3 Solutions.  He attended a conference that helped him see that they truly did not have a defined sales process and how this led to an overhaul of their sales division.  We discuss how you can’t shortcut the process and steps they took to get sales in line and improve the close rates.

Jesse then shares steps they are focused on for 2021 that will help them grow and develop as an organization in 2021.  Tier 3 is planning improvements to keep the team engaged as they continue to work remotely.  He also talks about how they work to continually improve the relationship with the team and help them feel closer to the decision making process.





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