Episode 145

Jason Pufahl,

Vice President Information Security Services at Vancord

It’s a cyber life: Sometimes the path chooses you


About This Episode

Jason Pufahl is the Vice President of Information Security Services at Vancord. 

1:45 – Jason found himself in the world of MSP after applying for 30 national park ranger jobs and one IT role. He chose the IT gig and that is what brought him here with us today.  

6:31 – Jason believes that his ability to communicate has been his strongest quality throughout his career. He said he had never been the most technical person in the room, but he had a good vision and the ability to communicate that vision to get buy-in and get projects moving.

9:38 – Tim’s most important advice to salespeople is not to be pushy when selling and to have an honest conversation about what they are looking to achieve. If they can do this, they will be ahead of 50% of the reps out there.

13:21 – Jason emphasized the importance of security education, which is a non-technical discipline that doesn’t get enough attention. It is important to explain to people what risk potentially remains and to train staff to recognize threats.

18:05 – Brian noted that there was an educational process that led to people becoming more aware of networks, computers, and security. This led to people taking on roles in their generation, similar to what is happening now with security.

20:15 – Brian said that we know we’re able to work in and it does open up a lot of security holes when you got people geographically dispersed accessing the same information and see where the human factor comes into play. 


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