Episode 152

Jake Carroll,

VP of Sales, OSR Manage

A Day in the Life of a Virtual Sales Manager

Ken Fearnley

About This Episode

1:59 – Jake said that there have always been a lot of people who chose to work in sales or as a group of people who work in sales, whether they had a degree or not. Before you could start working, there was no salary and you couldn’t just go knocking on doors.

7:19 – Brian asks Jake what is his role as a Virtual Sales Manager.

11:07 – Tim stated he won’t even argue that you were recruited as an engineer to protect forever, no matter what it is or how high up the scale it is. The salesperson actually needs more supervision, more oversight, and more training.

15:24 – Robb asks Jake what would you say do you manage a lot of people? Do you manage others or do you manage in salespeople? What would you say is probably what you have to do most during your manager time? Are you coaching, reps up, or are you doing kind of ability, are you being the person in between? What would you say is the most time-consuming of your job?

23:14 – Jake claimed that we currently have some very strong indicators, none of which are more straightforward than the emails you exchange with one another. Email correspondence between the individual you are dealing with at the company and your company is a really excellent indicator. The disadvantage of maintaining the moment is that it has a table and asks if everyone is in agreement if the meeting doesn’t start or if this is the agenda.


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