Episode 132


How to 2x your

Sales Pipeline with

OSR Manage


by | Dec 14, 2022 | Business Strategy

The MSP Business School Team

Learn the secret of how to easily double your

sales opportunities

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About This Episode

In this episode, we talked about how to double your sales opportunities easily and what Robb’s team has learned through over one million cold calls.
00:48 – Brian welcomes everyone who joins him and his co-hosts, Robb Rogers and Tim McNeil, on their podcast. Also, he began discussing their topic and focused on something that we know is very important to a lot of people, and obviously, all of us are looking to expand the organization, grow our lead base, and make customer acquisition.
03:21 – Brian proceeds to one of the biggest questions “How can we double our sales opportunities easily and quickly?”.
07:37 – Robb shares about what we do in Sales MaturIT. He talks about Foundations Level Development, Level Growth Level, Excellence Level, Leadership Level.
17:33 – Robb shows a slide that the numbers show how to grow the sales and marketing department.
20:15 – Tim mentions the issue is the sales rep, particularly in this industry, and Robb agrees that this is one of the more difficult industries to get an appointment in. What tends to happen with sales reps, and this is a general statement that is not specific to the MSP World, is that they stop making calls after four attempts, whereas in this industry you really need at least seven to twelve touches before you get the first appointment, so how do you keep that salesperson motivated and happy?
22:06 – Brian agrees with Tim’s remark. Their job as salespeople is to get paid for rejection because the reality is that there is more rejection than acceptance, but it’s also difficult to pick up the phone when you’re being rejected.
26:22 – Tim discusses some of the direct mailing tactics that are now being pushed out to clients, as well as the things that were successful when they were in the industry and, admittedly, they got away from them for a while because, at the time when they transitioned out of the MSP World, the digital side was up and coming, and even if you could be more successful on the digital side, there is now a lot of white noise out there.
30:13 – Brian wants to focus on how you maximize the team, and what you’re displaying is the salary you’re paying as an owner for a business developing platform inside the marketer. If you want to maximize the efficiency of those people, this direct mail approach has it all.
36:10 – Robb believes that, in the end, we cannot have a marketing department within a sales department. Marketing does its own thing, and if no one leaves the sales department, which is the traditional approach that everyone uses, they must be coordinated, in sync, and in sync together.
40:15 – Tim stated that the most important thing to remember when sending out mailers is to find a way to stand out. Sending out cards on non-traditional holidays was the most important thing he discovered.
56:25 – Brian ends the podcast by thanking Robb and Tim for sharing their knowledge/information about how to double your sales opportunities easily and quickly.


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