Episode 136


Five things on the mind of CIOs in 2023


by | Jan 11, 2023 | Business Strategy

The MSP Business School Team

Know more about the five things that are on the mind of senior CIOs and MSP experts this 2023

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About This Episode

In today’s episode, Brian will share FIVE things on the mind of a CIO in 2023.

2:17  – “Persistent economic uncertainty will push technology into a defensive posture” by Jeff Sippel, EVP & CIO Northwestern Mutual. 

Brian shares the first quote relating to today’s uncertain times citing examples such as bills and groceries rising in price and how inflation hits the marketplace. He then relates these examples to small and mid-size customers.

5:27 – “In 2023, companies will take stock of their progress transitioning to the cloud and assess how to extract value from their investment” by Guido Sacchi, CIO and EVP of Global Payments.

He emphasizes that as service providers, there is a need for us to help the customers understand how to maximize their investments and show them how they can enhance and expand their services.

9:15  – “AI will become table stakes for how organizations and IT department run their business” by Steven Franchetti CIO of Samsara. 

Brian talks about how AI can be used in the industry. Its advantages and challenges. He highlights what are the things to do and how we can help our customers when choosing AI projects.

11:34  – “In 2023, the top business challenge for CIOs will be combating inflationary pressures that increase technology costs, which will grow alongside business needs” by Thomas Phelps, SVP and CIO of Laserfiche.

Brian says that when talking about cutting costs, it usually focused on labor and subscription costs. He also discussed about during times of inflation, the high budget for hiring IT talent, and outsourcing can drive MSP growth.

16:38 –  Prasad Ramakrishnan, VSP & CIO Freshworks, “CIO’s no. 1 priority in 2023 will be to cut out bloatware”.

He discusses that customers will evaluate all the subscriptions they have and see if there’s value in them. He focuses on MSP having the right tools and services so that they can offer the right price for their products.

19:31 Brian sums up the five things to keep in mind this year. He gives a brief recap and additional tips for each key point.


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