Episode 130

Emily Glass,


Building a Culture to Drive Success

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Business Strategy

Scott Haselkorn

In this episode, we talked about how building a good culture drives success in a company. Learn how to bond and connect even when working remotely from Emily Glass of Syncro.

About This Episode

Emily Glass joins us today at MSP Business School. Emily is the president and CEO of Syncro, an all-in-one RMM, PSA, and remote access tool that helps managed service providers run more profitable businesses.

1:41 Emily an introduction about herself and shares how she fell in love with MSP. She talks about the company, how it grew in a year, and learning the products and needs of its partners.

5:14 Robb inquires about the company’s objectives for 2023, what has to be improved, and how to advance in her position. She responds that it’s very difficult to make long-term plans in these times of uncertainty, so people and businesses are just doing things one step at a time.

9:06 Robb shares his thoughts about Syncro’s website and says that their employees are very prominent on the website. Emily elaborates on how their company started remotely so the pandemic didn’t really make it any more challenging for them to make adjustments, however being in a remote set up they also have several challenges that need to be overcome and that’s why they have a weekly town hall with their employees and sometimes with their partners – to get to know each other and have a sense of camaraderie.

12:34 Brian points out what Emily said about uncertain economic times and asks what are the common feedbacks they are getting from their partners during these times.

15:28 Emily talks about the challenges of having remote employees and customers. She proceeds that one of the biggest questions in this kind of setup is “how do I communicate the value to my customer?” despite not having any personal relationship or having this different kind of interaction.

21:40 Brian shared his experiences when he was starting out in the industry. How hard it was back then people were barely equipped to start and run a company or how to be leaders for a company and grow it.

23:30 Emily ends the podcast by talking about the things their company is working on right now such as platform reliability and some new features coming up soon.


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