Episode 51

Doug Lowenthal, TruTechnology “Growing Your Business by Getting Out of the Way


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Doug is the CEO of TruTechnology based in Jacksonville, FL.   Doug had a personal situation that caused him to have to delegate more than he had at that point.  There he learned the lesson many founders find, that by getting out of the way and trusting the team his business flourished.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Doug Lowenthal


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About This Episode

As any business owner, Doug has always been highly involved in the operations at TruTechnology, an MSP in Jacksonville, FL.

When he started out, he taught himself the ins and outs of the elements he didn’t know about running a business, and figured out how to make it work for the first decade of TruTechnology’s existence.

In this episode of MSP Business School, Doug shares with us the crucial turning point that finally provided the exponential growth he had been working for. 

2:03 – Doug gives us a brief background about TruTechnology’s beginnings and the importance of the hire that first brought true accountability into the company. He walks us through to the present day, sharing how TruTechnology is working to develop new offerings around the market demands and anticipate the needs of a post-covid workplace. 

5:20 – Doug and the hosts talk about virtual desktop offerings and the current market. Doug shares how the virtual desktop presentation is a true lightbulb moment for prospective clients. He also goes into how it’s a chance for MSPs to have more of a product offering rather than being strictly service based. 

8:37 – Doug shares the incredibly stressful and unexpected season of his life that changed TruTechnology for the better. He reminds us that people want to feel empowered, and that the old adage that says “the owner prevents growth” isn’t just a cute saying. 

11:07 – Robb asks Doug to elaborate on the structures he put in place to ensure that TruTechnology didn’t fall down around him while going through such a stressful period. Doug shares the highly effective team strategy that led TruTechnology to ultimately triple their profitability, stressing the importance of building structures that allow the people in your company to learn, explore, and safely fail forward. 

Doug’s Speakeasy he and his wife built during COVID


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