Episode 111

Dave Sobel
MSP Radio

The Next Generation of MSPs

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Focus Investment Banking w

We borrowed Dave Sobel from his podcast over at MSP Radio to discuss how MSPs can do things differently

About This Episode

We’re thrilled to have fellow MSP podcaster and YouTube personality, Dave Sobel of MSP Radio, join us for an incredible episode. This one is jam-packed with useful information, tidbits, and challenges for anyone in the MSP industry.

1:06 – Dave shares how a degree in computer science led to a life in the MSP industry. He talks about the experience that prompted him to start his own company and the invaluable and varied knowledge he picked up working on the vendor side.

5:29 – Dave dives into why he started a media company, sharing how his wide breadth of experience has brought him to a point where he gets paid to research and learn new things.

8:01 – Robb asks Dave to talk a bit about his experience with acquiring another company. Dave outlines the horrible decisions he made as a buyer that helped him down the line as a seller. Brian gives some examples from his own experiences of acquiring companies.

11:02 – Brian asks Dave about the future of the MSP industry and where MSPs can generate revenue to make up for revenue lost. Dave explains his “good, better, best” model and how MSPs can use that to create more value with their clients.

14:50 – Dave and the hosts discuss the importance of offering consulting as a service instead of giving it away in pursuit of recurring revenue. They also talk about the things that actually set MSPs apart from the competition.

22:12 – Dave shares one of the things the vast majority of MSPs do that frustrates him the most. He reminds owners that they aren’t the keepers of incredibly valuable secrets and gives them ways to create more user-friendly websites… and generate a little revenue while doing so.

28:08 – Dave wraps up by sharing who excites him the most in the industry and who MSP owners should be looking to and thinking about when it comes to how they run their businesses.


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