Episode 96

Allan Jocson

Knowledge + Creativity = Success

Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks
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Allan Jocson of Agilitec joins us to share how he grew his company from a small, two-person operation to a highly successful MSP.

About This Episode

Oftentimes the best way to get advice on how to run your business (or ideas for areas of opportunity you hadn’t considered before) is to listen to other successful owners talk about how they got their business to where it is today.

This week, we’re joined by MSP owner Allan Jocson of Agilitec. Allan generously shares how he and his team navigated many challenging times to emerge as a highly successful MSP.

1:16 – Allan jumps in by sharing how he got started in IT and the realization that prompted him to start Agilitec.

3:50 – Robb asks Allan what he and his business partner did to help Agilitec grow in the first few years. Allan shares how stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to sell yourself and your products is vital to growth for young MSPs.

5:57 – Allan dives into the challenges they faced as the company grew. He details the growing pains, how they identified what needed to be addressed, and the steps he took to better educate himself on the business side.

10:32 – Robb asks Allan what he would do differently if he could start all over again and what he would advise new business owners to do first. Allan talks about the importance of the knowledge he gained through educating himself, and how surrounding yourself with likeminded people can give you an edge.

14:19 – Brian shifts the conversation to an interesting and creative pivot that Allan and his team made during the early months of the pandemic in order to keep their payroll going. Allan shares about his experiences with a brand new industry and how being creative in their approach kept the business afloat during a very scary time.

21:43 – Allan shares the future of Agilitec and the opportunities they’re working to create for themselves. He ends by sharing one of his company’s biggest secrets for creating and maintaining balance.



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