Episode 133

Abe Garver,

FOCUS Investment Banking

Inflation may be rising, but so are Valuations

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Business Strategy

Abe Garver

Sharing his expertise in the field, Abe discusses excellent client service, responsiveness, and effective communication.

About This Episode

In this episode, Abe Garver joins us today at MSP Business School. Abe is the MSP Team Leader, and Managing Director of Focus Investment Banking.

01:00 – Brian asks one of the most important questions: “What does that mean to a market that relies on capital to make acquisitions? ” He knows that we’ve been attending trade shows, discussing MSPs, and speaking with other buyers in the marketplace. There are lots of buzzes around where mna is going during perceptional are becoming somewhat inflationary times there I say recessive times as well. How do those affect valuations, then?”

07:04 – Abe states that there is so much competition that he has a merger of equal platforms that will be completed soon.

11:50 – Abe mentions that he increasingly sees a competitive advantage to call potential clients and informing them that he has sixty-five nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) from all of these buyers for this assignment, which will encourage serious bids from prospective buyers.

13:58 – Robb asks Abe, “That the MSP or buyer who lost three times kind of changed up their plan on the fourth time, what did they kind of change to make themselves more attractive?” Beyond simply changing the procedures to help themselves rise and secure that agreement, what else did they do globally?”

17:33 – Robb and Tim both agree with Abe. They are aware, from the perspective of the buyer, that there are many subtle similarities between MSPs in terms of excellent client service, responsiveness, and communication.

22:57 – Abe says that there are over 600 organizations in the peer groups that meet quarterly in Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando who claimed that IT Nation Evolve peer groups are the finest in the country at producing the top MSPs. Basically, fifty peer groups of principals are in between parts of their six hundred.

30:26 – Brian adds that from a valuation standpoint, organic growth trumps acquisition and bolt-on growth, which is something that MSPs should keep in mind. The focus should always be on the service and delivery engines, but make sure that the sales engines are primed.


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