Episode 137

A-Jay Orr,

Simple Plan IT

Building Opportunity for Veterans in Transition

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Business Strategy

A-Jay Orr

About This Episode

A-Jay Orr, the founder, and CEO of Simple Plan IT. They specialize in helping businesses specifically those that have government contracts, protect digital assets, and be compliant with all the security regulations that the DOD pushes out.

In this episode, they talked about Building Opportunities for Veterans in Transition.

02:01 – Brian asks A-Jay “How did you find your way into the lovely world of IT?”
A-Jay stated that he got into the wonderful world of IT through the military. He was a communication specialist, so his role in the military was to set up communications, tap into satellites, and do other things of that type, which is where he really began his excursion into technology.

8:04 – A-Jay believes that his project management skills helped him transition into the ownership space by allowing him to swiftly evaluate and analyze situations. He wants to acquire military traits and talents so that he can go in and perform such things.

12:30 – Brian is happy to hear A-Jay talk about how he kind of changed and realized that he needs to scale up because he is on the right track and has a fantastic communicator who can be visionary and who really helps define it.
16:02 – A-Jay says “Being in the military is a unique dynamic in the sense that we could hate each other but we knew that when it was time to go to work”. He said that he could trust them to do their job and protect my life and you could trust me to do the same because the mission came first.

20:54 – A-Jay shares that in Ohio, they are starting this thing, and we are the 22nd state that has this thing going on, and so there are 20, and one of those states that already have them has a veteran chamber of commerce up and running, and so we all get together once a month as a coalition to kind of share best practices and just to inform each other “what’s going on in our different states and our regions” so that we can kind of work together.

23:54 – Robb claims that when Tim and he are hiring, they recruit a lot of people. One of the ways they attempt to relate to people, especially when they are leaving the military, is to give them the impression that they may have been in communications in the military, but when they leave, they can rapidly transfer into sales.

27:37 – Robb asks A-Jay about his resume-writing services and other similar services.


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